Station Maps


ETCC publish information about the stations they issue FACs for on behalf of Ofcom.

This site plots that data on maps.

Show packet stations map Show APRS stations map Show voice repeaters map

An alternative serverless rendering of the ETCC packet nodes data, with the addition of a band filter, is provided by Kristian 2E0KGG here.

Non-ETCC Data

This site is also fed with connectivity data from packet nodes. This is plotted on the following map.

Show packet network connectivity map (WIP)

Currently xrouter and the latest BPQ beta are publishing data to this API, with BPQ support being opt-in (EnableM0LTEMap=1). There is a Linux kernel AX.25 agent in development.
With more data will come more advanced map functionality.


All of the data on this service is openly available via an API. Use this tool to explore it.


Note: this site is not provided by or affiliated in any way with ETCC.